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    Dear course participants*in our integration courses,
    due to an official order, our German integration courses sponsored by the BaMF are interrupted until at least June 30. Unfortunately, no new courses may start until this date. You will not suffer any disadvantages due to the course interruption. Only the planned end of the course will be postponed accordingly.
    During the closing time, we invite you to continue to participate in the language lessons online in our virtual classrooms free of charge.

    We will continue to keep you up to date and inform you about new developments.
    Please stay healthy !
Language is the key to integration. If you want to live in Germany, it is important to learn the German language. Knowledge of German makes all areas of your everyday life in Germany easier: finding a job, filling out applications, supporting your children and social life.

An integration course in Nuremberg offers German lessons and a first orientation guide for life in Germany. In the course you will not only learn the German language, but also learn a lot about the history, culture and legal system of Germany. The combination of language course and orientation aid makes the integration course an important first step for your further life in Germany.

Every year, hundreds of participants from a variety of different countries attend an integration course at the linguademia Language Center in Nuremberg. The success rate of our course participants is far above the national average year after year.
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Funded by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BaMF)

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Personal advisory service in German, English and
many other languages
Integration course at linguademia

Your advantages at one glance

Personal advisory service in German and English and many other languages
Pleasant, trusting atmosphere
Qualified native speaker, multicultural language trainers
Owner-managed family business - short decision-making paths
Final exams with above-average success rate
Central location of our language center next to the Nuremberg main station
Funded by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BaMF)

How does the integration course in Nuremberg work?

Course scope

The integration course contains a maximum of 1,000 lessons of 45 minutes each per participant. The course consists of the following modules:
  • Language course with 600 units, consisting of six course modules of 100 units each and the
  • Orientation course "Living in Germany", a course module of 100 units

Course completion

The integration course concludes with the German Test for Immigrants (DTZ). The final test examines German language skills up to CEFR level B1.

If you do not pass the exam despite our high success rate, you can apply for a repetition of a maximum of 300 teaching units and repeat the exam.

Course types

linguademia offers integration courses part-time or full-time for all levels. Participants with previous knowledge can start in a higher module. We will determine which module is the right one for you by means of a placement test.

Regular attendance is mandatory for participation in the integration course.

Our integration courses are also open to non-eligible participants or self-payers without entitlement to financial support.

What are the conditions of participation?

Foreign citizens who fulfil one of the two conditions for participation can take part in an integration course in Nuremberg sponsored by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BaMF): You are entitled to participate or you are obliged to participate.


If you meet the following requirements, you are legally entitled to attend the integration course:

- You have received your residence title as of January 1, 2005.

- You live permanently in Germany.

- You have received a residence permit for the first time for one of the following reasons:
  • for earning purposes as an employee
  • for the purpose of family reunification
  • for humanitarian reasons
  • as long-term resident according to § 38a Residence Act (AufenthG)
You are staying in Germany permanently and have received a settlement permit for the first time in accordance with § 23 (2) of the Residence Act.

Obligation to participate

When issuing your residence permit, the Immigration Office may determine that you are obliged to attend an integration course. This is the case under the following conditions:
  • You received your residence permit after 1 January 2005.
  • You have no basic knowledge of German (at least level A1) and cannot communicate in German in a sufficient way.
  • You will receive unemployment benefit II and will be required to attend an integration course by the office from which you receive unemployment benefit II.

When and where do the integration courses take place?

Our integration courses take place in our Language Centre next to Nuremberg Central Station. Our language school is easily accessible by public transport from the entire Nuremberg city area.

The integration courses take place at the following times:
  • in the morning (Monday - Friday),
  • in the afternoon (Monday - Friday),
  • in the evening (3 or 4 evenings per week),
  • on weekends (Saturday and Sunday).

What does an integration course in Nuremberg cost?

Eligible participants of the integration course can take advantage of the support provided by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BaMF). Under special circumstances, for example if you are receiving unemployment benefit II or social welfare or if you find it difficult to pay because of your economic situation, you can apply for exemption from costs.

Non-eligible participants are also welcome at linguademia and can participate in the integration courses. In this case, the support of the BaMF is not applicable.

The costs at a glance:


€ 440
per course module
100 lessons
Plus material


€ 195
per course module
100 lessons
Plus material
50% refund possible


€ 0
per course module
100 lessons
material with costs

When does the next course module start?

At linguademia new integration courses or course modules start regularly. Simply contact us by e-mail, telephone or in person to find out when the next course or module starts. We are looking forward to your request.

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Personal advisory service in German, English
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