Our virtual classroom “linguademia virtual” is the answer to the needs of a working world characterized by hecticness, stress and constant change. 

The classic workplace with regular working hours from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. is increasingly being replaced by home offices, part-time work, flexible working hours and locations. 

linguademia virtual” takes account of the resulting challenges to the possibilities of “lifelong learning” without you having to do without the tried and tested.


What's the procedure?

Your previous knowledge of the English language will be determined in advance by our placement test.

You will then have the opportunity to meet your personal language trainer(s) and discuss your personal goals with them at a free trial lesson and getting to know you/them session.

Only after this appointment has taken place to your satisfaction, will your actual language training begin.


What is the difference between an analogue and a virtual language course?

At linguademia virtual, lessons take place via the Internet (assuming sufficient bandwidth) and are therefore held at your workplace, your home office or wherever you like. You and other participants can communicate interactively with your trainer via the Internet, save time and costs for transfer and, in addition to speaking, have the opportunity to exchange notes or supplementary exercises such as a file or links or media, and thus make the language training an even more interactive experience.

Depending on the platform used: If you have missed an appointment, you can make up for the content later in a recording. If the available bandwidth is not sufficient, video and audio signals can be separated. We then use the Internet exclusively for the video image. For the sound transmission we use the conventional telephone.


Scope of the course?

  • free assessment of your existing knowledge
  • free trial training
  • language training with a native speaker trainer
  • a training book or script

Course forms?

linguademia virtual we offer you:

  • in individual training (one to two participants) – one lesson unit lasts 60 minutes,
  • in open club training (up to 4 participants) – one lesson unit lasts 90 minutes,
  • in a closed company club (up to 4 participants) – one lesson unit lasts 90 minutes,

at favourable conditions.


We already have experience with

  • Skype,
  • Zoom,
  • Adobe Connect,

but we are also happy to work with your desired platform.


Our guarantee

We guarantee a 100% presence of a language trainer.

The so-called “free practice” should of course also be sufficiently cultivated in one of our language courses to deepen your knowledge.
However, as free as you are in terms of time and scope, this must remain free of charge.


How much is the fun?

In the virtual classroom your language trainers see and hear on screen instead of sitting opposite each other. The actual training is identical to “normal” classroom training, so the cost of virtual training in our classrooms is the same as that of classroom training.

We offer lesson packages of 20, 40, 60 lessons of 60 minutes each.



Are you also interested in a language course in the
virtual classroom?

Then please contact our Customer advisor right away.

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