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Einstufungstest Englisch

Willkommen zum Online Einstufungstest Englisch von linguademia.

Für die Auswertung Ihres Tests benötigen wir Ihren Namen, Ihre E-Mail-Adresse sowie eine Telefonnummer (Festnetz oder Mobil).
Nur mit diesen Informationen können wir nach der Testauswertung mit Ihnen Kontakt aufnehmen und Sie über das Ergebnis informieren.

Sie können den Test jederzeit beenden, indem Sie solange auf "Weiter" klicken bis Sie zur letzten Seite angelangt sind.


Hinweis zur DS-GVO
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Ihr Vorname und Name
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1. Is this Sun Street? Yes. _____________________Sun Street.
2. _______________ is Johannesburg? It’s ______ South Africa.
3. _________________ is Mrs. Milligan? She is _____ secretary.
4. ___________is this? It is _______avocado pear. _____________are apples.
5. Your keys are _____________the table____________the door.
6. What time is the meeting? It is _____________10:00 _______the morning. It is ______ Monday.
7. What is David’s surname? _________ surname is Barnes.
8. Dylan is Irish. He ____________________ Dublin.

_____________ car is this? It is _____________________car.

10. This wine is very nice. ________ another glass, please.
11. Where is Sarah? She __________________________upstairs now.
12. Kathy usually _________________________at 07:00 in the morning.
13. Where ___________________you yesterday? We _______________at the cinema.
14. _________________your toys away.
15. __________________you take the plate to the kitchen, please?
16. I could not go to the party _______________________I was ill.
17. Germany is __________________England, but it isn’t ___________________country in Europe.
18. It is hard to say which country is ____________________________in Europe.
19. David is very busy this week. He ____________________on a report for Monday.
20. There is __________________paper here, but there isn’t ______________toner!
21. I don’t know ___________________about China. How ______________inhabitants live there?
22. I love ___________________swimming.
23. Where ______________________on holiday last year? We________________to Italy last year.
24. At the moment, James____________________. He ________________________every morning.
25. _________________________________? Sorry, I forgot.
26. We ________________________________to the cinema. We enjoy it __________________.
27. __________________________ Queen Street?
28. Where is the Sales Department? __________________________. Sales is the third door on the left.
29. If you ________ice in the sun, it ______________.
30. You ______________________eat so much chocolate. It is not good for you.
31. Sarah is a nurse. She __________________wear a uniform.
32. What time did you __________________work this morning? At 09:00. There was ________traffic.
33. We _________________have time to make city trips. We have three children, two cats, two dogs and a big house!
34. Peter ____________________________Science at university. He has finished one year of his studies.
35. How __________________? It _________$400, 00. It was quite expensive.
36. There are ________________factories in Durban than in Johannesburg and the wages are _________.
37. Before ________________to New York, he __________________in Arkansas.
38. Can you speak Latin? No, but I ______________to read and understand it.
39. Maybe we____________to the party. I am not sure. I__________you know next week.
40. I _________________________to the wedding on the 16th. I ______________________my blue dress.
41. I cannot attend the meeting because I _________________________Mr Walker then.
42. ___________________get together to go over the figures? Yes,let’s. That’s a good idea.
43. What ________________________________about the problem at the factory?
44. I look forward to ________________________you in person when you visit.
45. If you ______________________me the information, I ____________________ it to Vincent when I see him.
46. ____________________________________to London? No, I haven’t, but I want to go next year.
47. Sorry, I ________________________________James today. I saw him yesterday.
48. The company ____________________a big profit last year.
49. This year ______________________ a terrible year and it is only March!
50. We ________________the goods _________________the payment _______________.
51. David ________________________in Vienna _________two years. I think he likes it.
52. I _______________in Austria, but my family ____________here thirty years ago.
53. So far, so good! There ___________________any disasters with the machinery.
54. Last year, we _____________________________ in February. It was fantastic.
55. OK, I just_____________my coat before ___________________coffee.
56. __________________________any good films recently?
57. It _______________________a long time since we _______________out for dinner!
58. He normally drives very ______________________, but it ________________extremely____________________when he had the accident.
59. I think I saw the thief! He ____________________black jeans and a blue hoodie. He __________down that street.
60. You studied Politics, _______________________?
61. Actually, I think this brand is _________________________this one.
62. The goods ________________________in factories in China and then they _________________to Europe.
63. The bank statement shows that the amount ________________________on the 17th of June.
64. The meeting _____________________________in the boardroom on the 14th floor next week.
65. I’m afraid the goods are still in transit. They ______________________delayed by snow storms and are still in Poland.
66. Please be patient. Your request _______________________________. You will hear from us next week.
67. If you ________________a lot of money, what _______________you do?
68. The lawyer confirmed that the meeting _______________on Monday the 16th. That’s next week.
69. Look at you! You are so dirty. What ________________________________________?
70. It stinks in here! __________________________________?
71. It was wonderful seeing James again. I ________________for years when I bumped into him at the supermarket.
72. If we ______________________this decision, we __________________it later.
73. When I was a child, I often______________________ play alone in the woods. Times have changed.
74. In December this year, I ________________________at this company for 16 years. How time flies!
75. I wish I had a book. _________________________________to pack one!
76. This behaviour is ____________________. I should never have ______________you go!
77. We never do the windows ________________. We __________________it done twice a year.
78. It is tough, but we ________________________________in Dubai.
79. Samantha ________________come to work next week. She told me she __________________with a cold.
80. The person, ____________________________right now, is actually just a temp.
81. Have you heard about Deborah? She ___________________this morning because she ________________for three days!
82. He is exasperating! He _____________________________his socks on the floor!
83. If I _____________________the money at the time, I _____________________invested in real estate.
84. If Thomas________________________________, he__________________________very badly.
85. What___________________________ if you __________________in my shoes? I made the decision and now I have to live with it.
86. By Monday the 14th, we __________________________the installation. Let’s hope nothing goes wrong.
87. Have you heard the latest? Debbie _______________________last week. Apparently she ____________________________from the company for years!
88. This time next month, I _____________________________ on the beach in the Bahamas!
89. You know what they say. __________father__________son. He is a chip off the old block.
90. _______________I learn, _____________confused I become.
91. I __________________________________for about ten minutes before it started to rain cats and dogs.
92. _______________________________, the strike would have got completely _______________________.
93. Try not to be so ______________. You are _____________your staff instead of putting them down.
94. When we were younger, we ___________________and paint the town ___________every weekend!
95. _________________, I am not convinced that this company ___________make a profit at all.
96. It was a very long time ago. At the time, I ____________________in Paris and I was as poor as a church mouse, but it ______________ a problem until Daphne __________to stay with us.
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